48 Accessible Use of CamelCase and Structuring Posts

Use CamelCase​

  • CamelCase is the art of writing Hashtags with the first letter of each word with a capital. ​
  • It makes it easier for everyone, but especially those with a learning disability and those using a screen reader.​
  • WritingHashtagsLikeThis instead of WRITINGTHEMLIKETHIS or writingthemlikethis.

Structuring Posts ​

  • Put any links or hashtags at the end of the message.​
  • This is important for readers who are using a screen-reader, or who have a learning disability.  ​
  • Ensure your message is simple, free of typos and logical; it is also important that your message does not contain acronyms or complex language.  ​


Bad Example of a Social Media Post

Vertical Mouse Demonstration

@KateBrown is demonstrating #accessibility and what a #verticalmouse looks like to promote #accessibletechnologies for the #IDPWD2020!


Good Example of a Social Media Post

Vertical Mouse Demonstration

Kate is demonstrating what a vertical mouse looks like to promote accessible technologies for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities!​

#VerticalMouse #Accessibility #AccessibilityTechnologies #InternationalDayOfPersonsWithDisabilities2020 #IDPWD2020 @KateBrown​


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