17 Accessible Hyperlinks in PowerPoint

Four Questions for Accessible Links

When creating accessible hyperlinks within a PowerPoint, you can ask these four questions:

  1. Are they the only underlined text in your presentation?
    • This ensures visual users are immediately able to identify that it is a link.
  2. Are they descriptive?
    • The user should be able to understand the purpose of the link based on the hyperlinked text.
  3. Are they unique?
    • Different links should never use the same formatted text. A common example is the use of “Learn More” several times within a document.
  4. Have they been left unformatted?
    • Links can easily become long and difficult to understand for those using assistive technology.

Note: Emails can be linked using the mailto: function and left whole.

Accessible link examples:

Inaccessible link examples:


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