13 Accessibility Checker in PowerPoint

A screenshot of the accessibility checker with errors, warnings, and tips.

Microsoft has made significant improvements to the automated accessibility testing tools within PowerPoint since the original creation of this Pressbook resource.

With this in mind, only conducting automatic testing will not result in a compliant or accessible output – manual testing will also be required.

The Accessibility Checker (Review – Check Accessibility) should always be referenced while creating your PowerPoint. It will identify any accessibility issues that can be automatically detected and should be referenced throughout creation.​

  • Errors are issues that need to be remediated.​
  • Warnings are issues that need manual verification.​
  • Tips are helpful recommendations for accessibility.​
  • You may not need to fix all inspection results, but please review the checker manually before completing your slides.​

Using the Accessibility Checker tool is a fantastic start to creating accessible content. Manual testing will always be required to verify if your content is compliant to WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

  • This guide will reference specific methods or tools that help facilitate the creation of inclusive content, including those for reading order and colour contrast.


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