13 Accessible Lists

Creating lists using accessible methods is the easiest way to add the correct semantic structure to your document.


Best Practice for Using Lists

  • Lists should be created using the Bulleted list or the Numbered list options within your software.
  • Creating lists using these methods will visually structure your list (for example, indenting and increasing the paragraph spacing before and after text) and will allow assistive technology users to identify when a list has been included on your page.


Lists within Microsoft Products

  • Lists can be created by highlighting an existing block of text or by select the bulleted, numbered, or multi-level list options in the Home ribbon menu and entering information.
    • Using this feature will also remove the need to manually renumber large lists if changes are made to the document.

The paragraph menu section of the Home ribbon menu.

  • If the list order does not matter, use the bulleted list function. If the order is important, use the numbered list function.

Bulleted and numbered list visually formatting example.



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