Navigating this Workbook

There are several ways to navigate through this workbook. A “Contents” menu is located on the upper left of the workbook’s header. To view it, either scroll to the top of the page, or click on the ‘up’ arrow. In the closed position, it will read EXPAND CONTENTS. Click on it, and (Ta Da!) a drop down menu will appear. If you find the expanded menu distracting, you can collapse it by returning to the top of the page and clicking on CLOSE CONTENTS.

To investigate subsections within the numbered chapters, click on the + (plus) sign located next to the chapter. The chapter will expand and the + will revert to a – (minus) sign. To collapse a chapter, click on the – sign. 

You can also use the Previous and Next links in the footer area if you’re reading on the web. If you’re using a reading app you can flip through it as you normally would.

Sections of the workbook vary in length, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page if you don’t want to miss anything. To return to the menu — you know the drill! — scroll back to the top or click on the ‘up’ arrow.

To allow readers to explore freely we’ve also been generous with internal links. When clicked, these will bring you directly to the indicated section. To return to where you were, just hit the ‘back’ arrow in the upper left hand corner of your web browser or return to the contents menu.

And finally, in lieu of an index, the workbook comes with a search feature which will remain accessible on the right side of your web screen as you scroll down a page. 

Downloading the workbook:

For reader convenience the workbook is it is also available for download as an EPUB, MOBI, Digital PDF, or Print PDF. To access downloads follow this link (Transforming Stories, Driving Change) or return to the header at any time and click on the workbook title there. When you arrive at the workbook’s cover page, click on the drop down menu below the book’s cover image and the download options will appear.

Please note: Design formatting may change and elements of the workbook’s navigation (accessing glossary terms, internal links, etc.) may be lost depending on the download format you select.



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