In closing (and opening, and handing off…)

While the pandemic moved this workbook to TSDC’s front burner sooner than we had anticipated, we have always thought of it as resource for reciprocity and sustainability. As a collective of community and self-advocates, community partners, theatre practitioners and artists, and arts and social sciences scholars and educators, we share a common interest in creating plays that are designed to facilitate attention to voices and visions for the City that often go unheard or heeded. We hope this workbook will be a resource to communities who want to support one another and connect through this medium. We hope you’ll stay in touch with us to let us know how you use this workbook, or how our ideas and practices intersect with or shape yours.

And so, in TSDC fashion, and in lieu of final curtain, we offer these prompts:

prompt wand

What’s your dream of where this could go?

What steps will you take to move toward this dream?

Who will you walk and talk and play with along the way?

Road with pairs of feet walking together.


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