TSDC performance events: Introduction

I’m really fascinated by what art does and can do in the world…there’s a magic in it.

— Chris Sinding, TSDC research team lead, School of Social Work.


In this section we’re going to talk about all the activities that contribute to and are part of TSDC performance events. ButTSDC core concepts icon first, a few words about the performance itself. As we said in the introduction, TSDC performances take the form of short plays that are fictional, collective, future-oriented, and focused on publicness. TSDC plays are usually presented to a select audience in a non-theatrical venue. Though there is no stage, no lighting to dramatically conceal and reveal the action — the plays adhere to a dramatic structure in two important ways: Each play has a narrative arc with a beginning, middle, and end, and; in keeping with theatre protocol, from the play’s opening through its final scene, the audience’s role is to give their attention to the performers.

Despite the absence of theatrical bells and whistles or a raised stage, we view the performance as an elevated and protected space — an uninterrupted time and place from which the performer-advocates, who have spent months working out what they want to say using the creative form of theatre, are able to share their ideas and desires.

After the play’s final scene (and the resounding applause!) audiences are encouraged to participate in a series of Post-Performance Activities that are designed to:

  • Provide performer-advocates with feedback
  • Creatively engage the people who have attended the play
  • Foster sustained participation in a collective conversation about how people want their City to function

But before the magic, the preparation…


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