“Devised theatre is theatre that begins without a script. The script gets ‘written’ as the rehearsal process takes place through a series of improvisations and collaborations.” — Vanessa Garcia, “The Paradox of Devised Theater on the Twenty-First Century Stage.”

magic that was and is TSDC

Editorial comment from Chris: When I write about ‘the magic that was and is TSDC,’ I really mean: the passionate, smart, skillful-wise craft that is Catherine’s approach to community theatre.


Throughout the workbook we use a number of terms when referring to the community members who have lived experience of social marginalization who take part in TSDC workshops and create and perform TSDC plays for public audiences. These terms include community and self-advocates, workshop-participants, performer-advocates, performer-creators. Our intention isn’t to confuse you! It’s to capture some of the many roles and capacities of TSDC’s community performer-advocates.


a panel or panels on which a sequence of sketches depict the significant changes of action and scene… (


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