8.3 Values, principles and ethics related to being a reflective practitioner

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Rachel Carson wrote the book A Sense of Wonder originally in 1956 and republished it in 1998 and 2017. In this book Carson talks about the hope to inspire both children and adults to appreciate and hence value the spiritual, emotional and sensory experience of the living world. Dr. Hopi Marten shares Ojibwe worldviews in context to teaching. He explores spiritual, cultural, and land-based learning as a teacher through what has been coined a seasonal pedagogy. Both these examples demonstrate the power disposition, culture, values, and beliefs have on our work. This is not a one-time conversation but a contextual concept around reflective practice that can be embedded in every interaction we have within our workplace.

Take some time to explore Dr. Hopi Marten’s website The Edge of the Bush. Watch the videos, listen to the teachings, and feel mother earth all around you. What touches your heart?

Disposition of Reflective Practice 

Read the list below of dispositions created over the years based on research, readings, and early educators’ own thoughts on what a disposition of reflective practice is. Do you see yourself in these dispositions?

  1. Are you optimistic?
  2. Are you open minded?
  3. Are you appreciative?
  4. Are you flexible?
  5. Are you purposeful?
  6. Are you curious and ask questions to challenge ideas?
  7. Do you embrace change, seek new ways of doing things?
  8. Do you seek collaboration?
  9. Do you question your feelings?
  10. Do you work from a value based lens?

Are there others?

Listen: The Power of Reflective Practice for Positive Mental Health with Jen Rafferty


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