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Schön (1983) based his work on that of Dewey and is most widely known for his theory of reflecting in and reflecting on one’s practice. His theory was grounded in reflection from a professional knowledge and learning perspective (Bolton, 2014.p.6). In simple terms this is described as reflecting as the experience is occurring or reflecting on the experience after it has occurred. Reflecting in action refers to situations such as: thinking on your feet, acting straight away, and thinking about what to do next. Reflecting on action means you are thinking about what you would do differently next time, taking time to process (Bolton, 2014.p.6).


Reflection in action is reflection as something happens and reflection on action is reflecting after something happens.
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Video: Reflective Practice

Learn more about reflective practice by watching the video: 3 minute theory by Kayak Essentials [3:32] below.



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