Suggestions For How To Use This Guide

This book is best viewed via the online, Pressbooks format. However, a pdf format is also made available. There are hyperlinks throughout the resource linking to additional resources, videos embedded in the sections, as well as passages copied from the book. This is not an electronic version of Moon of the Crusted Snow.


There are seven themes developed from the book’s content, however, they are not exhaustive. Each theme will include some or all of the following:

  • Introduction: providing some background on the theme
  • Curriculum Connections
  • Quotes from the author: interview excerpts from Waub Rice
  • Quotes from the book related to the theme
  • Resources
  • Discussion Questions
  • Activities
  • Additional Reading


You may choose to use this resource as a thematic guide based on the subject or course you are teaching. You may also use this to accompany a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Moon of the Crusted Snow and use the resources, discussion questions, and activities as they arise out of the novel.


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