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Holistic Care and Wellness in Early Years Settings provides information and resources for students to learn more about health promotion and barriers to health and wellness experienced by children and their families in Canada and locally in Ontario. Legislation and training resources are shared to support educators’ understanding of health, nutrition and safety in early years settings. Holistic care and wellness for educators is promoted to guide new graduates through the important task of caring for themselves while caring for others. Holistic wellness through the lens of equity, diversity, and inclusion is discussed to prompt reflective practice and advocacy for vulnerable populations including children and early years educators who are leading the way for the next generations. A toolkit of local resources is included for new graduates to access when embarking on their new career as Registered Early Childhood Educators.

About the Authors

Barbara Jackson, MPEd, RECE is a professor at Fanshawe College in the Early Childhood Education program. Prior to teaching at Fanshawe College, Barbara worked in a variety of leadership roles in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care for over 25 years. These roles included Executive Director of licensed child care programs, servicing children from infancy through school age, Co-Chair, Treasurer, and member of many early years community networks, Assistant Director of a private ESL school in Japan, Owner of a home child care, and Educator in a family crisis centre. Barbara completed her Master of Professional Education with a focus in Early Childhood Education in 2018 and her research consists of social constructivism, organizational leadership, and early years policy. The many years of supporting licensed child care programs in Ontario inspired her to co-develop an OER to help prepare new graduates entering the profession, supporting children, families, colleagues, and communities.

Sheryl Third, RECE, ECE.C, B.A., M.A has been active in the Childcare community in London since 1986. Since 2003, Sheryl has been a full time faculty member at Fanshawe College in the Early Childhood Education Program. Sheryl completed her Masters of Art in Educational Studies, in 2015. Her research interest was in reflective writing and practice in the field of early childhood education, as well as a focus on mentoring and reflective practice as tools for professional learning. This is her second OER with the first one on Reflective Practice in Early Years Education.

Sheryl has a passion for teaching and learning and is active in her community as a member of the Strive Advisory Committee and as a member of the Professional Learning Committee.

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