2.7 Child Maltreatment

Child maltreatment impacts the promotion of health and well-being in children and may cause lifelong issues with physical and mental health. Educators in the early years conduct daily health checks to ensure children are growing and developing in a positive manner guided through responsive relationships with adults. Educators working with young children have a duty to report suspected abuse or neglect. The following chapters discuss the scope of abuse in Ontario and the duty to report suspected child maltreatment.


CECE Standards of Practice

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Standard VI: Confidentiality, Release of Information and Duty to Report

Registered early childhood educators (RECEs) respect the confidentiality of information related to children and families and obey all laws pertaining to privacy and the sharing of information. RECEs disclose such information only when required or allowed by lawe to do so or when necessary consent has been obtained for the disclosure of information. They understand that as a result of their professional knowledge and role, they are in a unique position to recognize possible signs of child abuse, neglect and family violence, and have a particular duty to report their suspicions (CECE, 2017).

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