7.3 Understanding Bias in Professional Practice

As educators become more familiar with their social location and worldviews through self-reflection they begin to understand their biases as individuals. Everyone has biases based on their lens or worldview. Educators work to acknowledge and disrupt these biases in their work with children, families, and each other. This ongoing practice supports educators in building trusting, respectful and professional relationships with others.

College of Early Childhood Educators Standard

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Standard IV: Professionalism and Leadership
Registered early childhood educators (RECEs) demonstrate professionalism in their relationships with children, families, colleagues, and the communities in which they practise. They are reflective and intentional professionals who engage in continuous professional learning. RECEs collaborate with others to ensure high quality early childhood education. All registered early childhood educators, regardless of position or title, are leaders.

Read (PDF) & Reflect

Read the following Practice Note from the College of Early Childhood Educators to understand more about your beliefs and biases.

All children have the right to a holistic sense of well-being, to express themselves, to feel a sense of belonging, and to be included in an equitable and diverse early years setting. Educators set the stage for this environment in partnership with families through support from the community where they are located.

Watch the following UNICEF video regarding the rights of children. This is a good resource for sharing with children:

Video: We all have rights (international sign version) I UNICEF by UNICEF [14:45]. Transcript available on YouTube.


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