5.4 Orientation and Training

Working with young children, their families, and in teaching teams requires a lot of physical strength, energy, resilience, and mental acuity. Many preventative measures are implemented to ensure optimal health and safety conditions for educators and early years employees. Each organization will have an orientation and training session for all new employees, students, and volunteers prior to engaging in work with children or in work to support an early years setting. The orientation will include time to read and sign off on all workplace policies and procedures along with procedures specific to working with young children. An orientation may also include a tour of the facility, introductions to co-workers, and any additional training required.

During a tour of the facility trainees may want to familiarize themselves with the location of the washrooms, first aid kits, exit doors, material safety data sheets, eyewash stations, personal protective gear, health and safety information board, secure storage for belongings, and employee break areas. The staff room may include a refrigerator for lunches, a microwave to heat up food, dishware and utensils, reading materials, work stations, meeting spaces, and cozy rest areas. Staff areas that include natural lighting and plants provide much needed space for relaxation when taking a break during the workday.


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