2.2 Interprofessional Collaboration

People sitting in a small group discussing.
Small group discussion by CC BY-ND 2.0.

All individuals accessing early years’ settings enter into the learning and caring spaces with diverse worldviews. Children, families, educators, and administrators must feel welcomed and have a sense of belonging within their communities. Community agencies work in collaboration to ensure healthy living is promoted to protect the well-being of its members. The Child and Youth Network (CYN) is made up of more than 170 agencies supporting children and youth in London and Middlesex (CYN, 2023). Leaders in organizations supporting the early years will attend regular CYN meetings and participate in CYN subcommittee work to implement action plans for supporting the health promotion of children and youth living in London/Middlesex.


Interprofessional collaboration is not limited to those in administrative roles in the early years. Educators have a responsibility to collaborate with many community partners to support health promotion for children, families, colleagues, and themselves. Please read the following Practice Guideline from the College of Early Childhood Educators to further understand the important role of interprofessional collaboration in the early years’ setting:


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