4.6 Role of the Educator

Educators hold a lot of power in relation to nutritional guidance for young children. Children watch adults’ behaviours and model themselves after caregivers. It is important to refrain from conversations about body size and dieting in front of children. Body shaming is prevalent in Euro-Western culture and leads to lifelong challenges with a healthy body image.

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Read the following factsheet to learn more about positive role modelling related to nutritional guidance in early years settings.


Preventive measures must also be included in learning spaces with school age children. Educators continue to model inclusive, healthy behaviour for school age children and can engage in discussions regarding body shaming and its harms to children and youth. Addressing the impacts of social media will be introduced with school age children as well. School administrators may use the power of social media to engage in parent education around equity, diversity, and inclusion within the school environment and the larger community.


Read and review the following webpage for helpful resources to support school age children in reducing weight bias.


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