8.1 Why a Toolkit?

As educators move out into the profession and embark on the important work of supporting children and families, they will encounter families facing many barriers and challenges. Having access to resources will support educators in building partnerships with families to ensure each child feels a sense of belonging and well-being. Children have the right to engage in inclusive spaces and the opportunity to express their needs, hopes, and dreams. Educators play an important role in supporting families who are experiencing challenges. Strong community partnerships play an important role through interprofessional collaboration to ensure each child’s needs are met and supported for lifelong health and wellness.

The following community resources have been shared to provide students with a toolkit that can be easily accessed for additional support that may be required when working with families. The sections have been divided into supports for children, supports for families, and supports for educators to ensure their own holistic wellness. Some of the resources may overlap as many community organizations support children and their families. Resources for educators include wellness supports and professional learning links. Care work requires ongoing holistic wellness for those who are caring for vulnerable others. Educators are lifelong learners and require access to many professional learning sessions to support their knowledge building throughout their career.

The following lists are by no means exhaustive but provide a starting point for emerging educators to learn about services that are available in their communities.




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