5.2 Being a Mindful Employee: An Orientation to Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace

Word-image of various ways to mindful making the shape of a brain.
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Like the image above psychological health or mental well being is multifaceted and often personal . This chapter will examine the ways you can facilitate a healthy mindset and also examine the obligations employers have to create a safe workplace environment

As an employee your obligation is to understand your own stress level and strategies you currently have to manage and maintain a level of energy and resilience to work with active little minds and bodies and their families.

We know stress is inevitable and actually necessary. Understanding normal stress from excess stress or distress is explained in the article link below labelled READ.

Appreciating the benefits of a healthy workplace and a sense of wellbeing has a ripple effect on many aspects of work life balance . Some will argue that work-life balance isn’t possible in the way we often view it with us trying to balance and achieve success on a scale but rather we should view it as work life integration, where we manage both work and life in harmony.

Part of workplace strategy should be to inform employees of the programs they offer and support they provide their employees.


The benefits for employees and employers of addressing and supporting mental well being seeps into many aspects of the workplace as described in Psychological Health in the Workplace (see below) the consequences of not addressing mental or psychological well being are many. They include lack of motivation, retention issues in the form of high turnover, absenteeism, and low engagement among employees.

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