1.8 Wellness: Summary and Educator Toolkit

Early childhood education and care (ECEC) sets the foundation for lifelong learning for the future citizens of society. It is pertinent that they are offered opportunities to develop critical thinking skills in healthy, nutritious, and safe environments with qualified educators co-learning alongside children, families, and one another. Educators must be prepared and equipped for the complexities of this important work through education, training, reflection, and lifelong learning.

This text will introduce emerging educators to legislation and regulations necessary to set the stage for healthy and safe learning in early years’ settings. Implementation of policies and procedures will be discussed throughout the chapters, along with concepts for supporting the health and wellness of educators engaged in the important work of learning alongside young children and their families. Important resources and local community connections will be shared to support students and new graduates as they conduct placements and embark on new employment as Registered Early Childhood Educators. The final chapter will include a toolkit that will provide helpful resources and templates for educators beginning this valued journey.


Interactive Activity/Reflective Practice

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