5.3 Digital Wellness

Digital wellness is a fairly new aspect of the health and wellness portfolio and has become more essential coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. There has been a growing link between mental health and the over use of digital tools. There are many benefits to having access to digital tools but like so many other topics we have covered, setting boundaries and finding time for other pastimes is essential to one’s overall wellbeing.

Watch this short 2 minute video that describes what we mean by digital wellness:

Video: What is digital wellness and why is it important? by Citrix [01:43]. Transcript available on YouTube.


Read the following blog by Lisa Pender to support digital wellness in self and others:

What if we used our digital device to support our Wellbeing?

In an article by Tchiki Davis (2023), from the Berkley Wellbeing Institute, she explores a number of apps, strategies and research based ways that technology can actually support our well-being. She suggests that it starts with being mindful and intentional of your technology use. By paying attention you can control your use and ensure it is having a positive affect on your health, not the opposite. Some ways she suggests are taking mindful photos, or creating prosocial posts . You can control what you see and what you post. Your language matters. Practice random acts of kindness online and create an online circle of support. The other aspect of technology that can support your wellbeing is looking for online courses or activities that can boost your health and well being, like some of the activities found in this chapter. Use social media, and technology to your advantage . There are many tools so use what you need!


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