This open textbook has been developed and partially adapted by Linda Whitehead, in partnership with the OER Design Studio and the Library Learning Commons at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario This work is part of the FanshaweOpen learning initiative and is made available through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License unless otherwise noted.

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This book includes adapted material in the chapters listed from the following sources:

Chapter 1

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 & 7

Traditional Knowledge Labels

A section of this Open textbook- 1.6 Enhancing Wellbeing includes Traditional Knowledge. Please refer to the Local Contexts webpage to learn more about Traditional Knowledge Labels. The two labels applied in this resource are:

TK CR - Traditional Knowledge Creative LabelTK Creative (TK CR) – This Label should be used when an individual artist or author would like to clearly connect creative practices with traditional knowledge deriving from their own community. While an individual artist or author has standard copyright and creative commons licenses available to use, this Label helps make clear that a creative practice is also deeply connected to a collective responsibility around the use and sharing of traditional knowledge.

TK V - Traditional Knowledge Verified LabelTK Verified (TK V) – This Label should be used when you and your community are satisfied with the way in which your traditional knowledge materials are being represented online or offline. This Label affirms that appropriate conditions for access and use are in place and that whoever has made this material accessible has made accommodations for cultural protocols associated with the knowledge. It lets users know that the right thing is being done by your community protocols and standards.


This project was a collaboration between the author and the team in the OER Design Studio at Fanshawe.  The following staff and students were involved in the creation of this project: 

  • Michelle Halle-Shook – Instructional Design
  • Shauna Roch – Project Lead
  • Robert Armstrong – Graphic Design
  • Maddy Richard, Video Editor  
  • M.J. Idzerda – Photographer
  • Paula Parlette – Librarian

Cover Image graphic on the Recreation and Leisure Industry created by Robert Armstrong using photos taken by M.J. Idzerda of Local London, Ontario Recreation and Leisure businesses and taken by Allison Menegoni of Killarney Provincial Park sign.

Thank you to East Park and the BMO Centre London for providing images of their facilities for use in this book.


Jeff Sadler – Faculty, Recreation and Leisure Services, Fanshawe College

Allison Menegoni – Faculty, Recreation and Leisure Services, Fanshawe College

Julie Whitehead – Senior Instructional Designer, Faculty of Health Sciences, Western University



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