Chapter 4: Job Skills for the Future

4.3 Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

Create an awareness of the wider world and your place in it.

Global citizenship is having a worldview grounded in civic responsibility and ethics. Global citizens think both in a structural level (e.g., how does my consumption affect people around the world?) and an individual level (e.g., how should I greet my international peers in a way appropriate to their cultural norms?).

A global citizen will learn from and with others who are different from themselves. They will examine ideas such as privilege and relative positions of power. They are committed to social justice and to breaking down global inequities.

Excelling in Global Citizenship as a Job Skill means:

You can:

  • Think critically within a larger worldview
  • Reflect on political, cultural, and historical influences on yourself and others
  • Treat people as individuals while respecting their culture and beliefs

Others see you as:

  • Committed to civic responsibility & social justice
  • Respecting cultural norms of others
  • Learning from people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs



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