Chapter 4: Job Skills for the Future

4.7 Novel and Adaptive Thinking

Novel and Adaptive Thinking

Find innovative, creative, and unconventional relationships between things or concepts

Being a Novel and Adaptive Thinker means being creative in analysis and solutions. They address complex and sometimes controversial issues with a humble and open-minded attitude. They think ‘outside the box’ in response to unique or unexpected situations attempting to find unique but effective answers. They thrive when challenged and are willing to adapt or change a solution when circumstances change, or other options present themselves.

Excelling in Novel and Adaptive Thinking as a Job Skill means:

You are good at:

  • Synthesizing data and information
  • Analyzing
  • Evaluating
  • Making sound, ethical decisions
  • Thinking innovatively and creatively
  • Not getting too attached to outcomes

Others see you that have the ability to:

  • Apply a logical, systematic approach to solving problems
  • Create solutions that balance facts and feelings
  • Inspire increased trust from others


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