Chapter 6: Job Search and Networking

6.6 Networking

Active Living

Joanne Evangelista

Recreationist, Linhaven Long-Term Care

Current Employer

Linhaven Long-Term Care

Job Description: assists in the planning, implementing and evaluation of activity programs to meet the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and cultural needs and interests of the residents.

Skills you use Professionally

Program Planning – for every program we deliver, which there are many, there needs to be a thorough program plan created for each.

Favourite Memory from time at Fanshawe

I felt a great deal of satisfaction and pride when it came time to the delivery our community event as part of the special events and governance course. Recognizing that everyone in the class worked together to put this event on, and seeing it all come to fruition so smoothly, it was very rewarding for ourselves, as well as for the community.


2020 Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma 
Additional Credentials: Recreation Therapy Diploma (2022)

For many of us, just thinking about networking can make us break out into a cold sweat. However, networking is the simple act of exchanging information, specifically for the purpose of cultivating productive, organic, and lasting relationships. When you develop and maintain strong and productive relationships across many different facets of your life, you increase your chances of those relationships positively impacting your career goals. It is important to recognize that engaging in networking opportunities will not lead to results overnight; it is a long-term strategy that will allow you to build a strong community of individuals and professionals that, when accessed properly, can support you in your career development journey.

When you learn how to network effectively, you bypass the internet job application gatekeepers and increase your chances of getting interviewed. It’s about leveraging the connections you already have, who can confidently attest to your past performance and future potential. Furthermore, it’s also about putting yourself out there and using your connections to expand your networks. Even though we know that networking is a necessary component of uncovering the hidden job market, many of us still find it uncomfortable and question whether what we are doing is right. Next, you will learn how to prepare yourself for both planned and unplanned networking interactions, as well as identify many different networking activities that you can incorporate into your overall job search strategy.


two moose walking through river
“Allow me to introduce myself”



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