Chapter 4: Job Skills for the Future

4.2 Seven Job Skills

Fanshawe College has identified 7 Job Skills for the Future that all programs in the college embed into their curriculum. These Job Skills are generic to all industries. Competence in these job skills is regarded as required for those seeking to build successful careers. It is important that soon-to-be-graduated students can identify these skills in themselves and understand how they can exhibit competence in these skills when meeting with potential employers. To this end, in this chapter, each of the Job Skills is defined.

All the 7 Job Skills for the Future are woven into the curriculum of Fanshawe College’s Recreation and Leisure Services program with an emphasis on 3 of the skills identified as most relevant to the Recreation and Leisure Industry:

  • ResilienceThe 7 job skills of the future include: global citizenship, self-directed learning, social intelligence, resilience, novel thinking, implementation skills, and complex problem solving.
  • Implementation Skills
  • Social Intelligence



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