Chapter 4: Job Skills for the Future

4.8 Implementation Skills

Implementation Skills

Manage projects to achieve key milestones and outcomes

Excelling in Implementation skills means an individual has a “get er done” attitude. They can design, manage, and execute projects, initiatives or plans in an organized, timely fashion. They can guide a project from idea to completion while managing themselves and others effectively. They are action orientated and enjoy a ‘hands-on approach’.

Excelling in Implementation Skills as a Job Skill means:


  • Think and plan ahead
  • Manage logistics easily
  • Apply logic & common sense
  • Have superb organizational skills
  • Demonstrate a high level of personal responsibility
  • Enjoy working with templates and systems
  • Have the capacity to develop and implement ‘systems’ when needed

Others see that you can:

  • Roll with the punches
  • Easily act on new information
  • Have a ‘Plan B’ (and a ‘Plan C’ and ‘D’…)
  • See both the big picture & also the minute details
  • Play a strong role as a DOER, rather than a passive Observer
  • Turn problems into ‘plot twists’


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