Chapter 4: Job Skills for the Future

4.9 Complex Problem Solving

Complex Problem Solving

Find solutions to real-world problems

Complex Problem Solving is the skill of applying a method to a problem, often not seen before, to obtain a satisfactory solution. It requires a creative combination of knowledge and strategies to arrive at an answer. Rapid technological change, the increasingly global exchange of ideas, and the proliferation of easy-to-access information – some of which is decidedly unreliable – all contribute greater complexity to the problems that they will need to solve.

Excelling in Complex Problem Solving as a Job Skill means:

You are:

  • Engaged in ‘big picture’ thinking
  • Flexible & adaptable to change
  • Creative
  • Highly detail-oriented
  • Someone who sees patterns
  • Someone who works efficiently

Others see you:

  • Demonstrate self-reliance
  • Achieve your dreams and ambitions
  • Capable of higher-order thinking (not just memorizing facts, but demonstrating the ability to deeply understand, apply, analyze, and evaluate information)
  • Achieve increased status & responsibility at school or work
  • Create solutions that balance the facts, but with new insight


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