Chapter 4: Job Skills for the Future

4.5 Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence

Build and nurture mutually beneficial relationships

Social Intelligence is being able to interact positively with others, building strong healthy relationships and thriving in social environments. It is having the self-awareness to effectively apply the knowledge of social dynamics and team building to create positive outcomes for everyone involved. Individuals that demonstrate the skill of Social Intelligence have excellent communication skills and are empathic. We often refer to Social Intelligence as ‘people skills’ or ‘interpersonal skills’.

 Excelling in Social Intelligence as a Job Skill means:


  • Have a passion for working with others towards positive outcomes
  • Are curious about the world and the people in it
  • Care about others
  • Have good emotional control (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Listen with intent and exhibit strong conversational skills

Others see you as:

  • Having respect for diverse opinions, values, belief systems and the contributions of others
  • Having a constantly renewed sense of curiosity and wonder
  • Having a willingness towards helping others
  • A good listener and communicator





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