2 Module 1 – Part 2, Gynecological History: Learning Activities

Katherine Trip


1. Complete the readings

Recommended Readings:

  1. Cancer Care Ontario (2011). Cervical Screening. https://www.cancercareontario.ca/en/types-of-cancer/cervical/screening
  2. CDC (nd). A guide to taking a sexual history. https://www.cdc.gov/std/treatment/sexualhistory.pdf
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  4. National Coalition for Sexual Health (n.d.) Clinical guide for trauma-informed care. https://nationalcoalitionforsexualhealth.org/tools/for-healthcare-providers/document/TIC_Clinical-Guide_Final_508Compliant.pdf
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2. Review the practitioner presentation

Please note the following presentations have several interactive components. Please take some time to reflect on questions presented, consider responses provided, and envision how your learning can be integrated into your own clinical practice.

Taking a Gynecological History Video


3. View and participate in the interactive demonstration video

If you would like to watch the interactive demonstration video with full screen functionality and for a better experience if using mobile devices you can find it at eCampus Ontario H5P Studio – Taking a Gynecological Health History.

4. Continue to the next section for summary, knowledge check quiz and reflection

Practice tools:

The following practice tools are added for your unrestricted use, in order to facilitate excellent care.


Examples of Focused History Documentation:

Gynecology focused history documentation examples



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