6 Module 2 – Part 3, Gynecological Exam: Summary and Evaluation

Jean Wilson


In this module we have discussed the pre-examination considerations, approach to, and steps included in a gynecology exam and the process for sampling during a gynecology examination and PAP test. Concluding the examination with a discussion of your thoughts, suggested follow-up and how you will report any sample results is also an important part of this physical exam. Remember the importance of collaborating with your patient when considering any clinical decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many important aspects to initiating and completing a gynecology physical examination. Confirm the patient’s ID and pronouns, communicate the process and procedure, ask the patient about prior gynecology examination experiences, obtain consent to proceed and ensure you are competent to complete the examination as well as obtain required samples.
  • The approach to your examination will change based on patient characteristics. A description of characteristics you may encounter is further discussed in module 3
  • Include your patient. Asking patients about prior experiences and including them in therapeutic planning is an integral part of patient care.

Knowledge Check:

Complete the post module quiz:


On completion of this module, consider writing a self reflection of your experience. Were you able to improve upon your ability to complete a gynecology physical examination? Which aspects of the module did you find most helpful in preparing you to complete a gynecology physical examination? How will you change your practice as a result of completing this chapter? This exercise is self directed and you do not need to submit your reply but we do recommend you keep a folder of your reflections and look back upon these, to appreciate your progress, at the following time points:

  1. After you complete the physical examination chapter
  2. After you complete the entire program
  3. After you complete your 1st post program gynecological examination
  4. After you have completed several gynecology assessments



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