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Katherine Trip

The content of this text is current as of the date published.

Some aspects of this course include descriptions, depictions and illustrations of genitalia and gynecology related physiology and pathology. Some of the content included may be distressing to some. Please use discretion when accessing this content.

Accessibility Statement for Gynecological Assessment

This is an accessibility statement from Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto; Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Measures to support accessibility

Lawrence Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, takes the following measures to ensure accessibility of Gynecological Assessment

  • Strive to ensure content is as accessible as possible and update content to best meet accessibility guidelines on an ongoing basis.

Conformance status

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA. Gynecological Assessment is partially conformant with WCAG 2.0 level AA. Partially conformant means that some parts of the content do not fully conform to the accessibility standard.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of Gynecological Assessment. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers on Gynecological Assessment.

Technical specifications

Accessibility of Gynecological Assessment relies on the following technologies to work with the particular combination of web browser and any assistive technologies or plugins installed on your computer:

  • HTML
  • MP4

These technologies are relied upon for conformance with the accessibility standards used.

Limitations and alternatives

Despite our best efforts to ensure accessibility of Gynecological Assessment, there may be some limitations. Below is a description of known limitations, and potential solutions. Please contact us if you observe an issue not listed below.

Known Limitations for Gynecological Assessment:

  1. Visual depictions of physical presentations: Some of the content in our program may not be completely accessible given the content depicted. This includes some of our photos and illustrations given the complexities and nuance represented in the pictures. These are primarily related to human anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. We have tried to describe these through text as much as possible but recognize that this does not fully describe intricacies of some of the content presented in these visual depictions.
  2. Some content file types were incompatible with file types recommended by accessibility guidelines. We have tried to provide files that align with accessibility parameters wherever possible.

Assessment approach

Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto assessed the accessibility of Gynecological Assessment by the following approaches:

This statement was created on 22 February 2022 using the W3C Accessibility Statement Generator Tool.

Gynecological Assessment Resource © 2022 by Katherine Trip MN NP and Jean Wilson MN NP is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0



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