1 Module 1 – Part 1, Gynecological History: Introduction and Objectives

Katherine Trip

Some aspects of this book include descriptions, depictions and illustrations of genitalia and gynecology related physiology and pathology. Some of the content included may be distressing to some. Please use discretion when accessing this content.


Welcome to Module 1 of the gynecological assessment learning course. In this module we will discuss an approach to gynecological history taking. Within the learning activities, there are several contemplation points which are included to help you develop excellent practice in your history taking abilities. A gynecological history is usually a focused history and can vary depending on the reason the patient is seeking care and the evidence uncovered during the discussion. In Module 1 Part 2, we have provided a “checklist with rationale” included for your learning, as well as an “abbreviated outline” which can be downloaded and used in your clinical practice setting. There are also “3 examples of clinical notes” related to history taking to provide you with examples of various case types that may present for gynecological assessment.


At the conclusion of this chapter learners will be able to:

  • Discuss a guideline-based approach to well women gynecological history taking
  • Complete a gynecological history
  • Demonstrate competence with regard to completing a sexual history
  • Discuss an approach that is inclusive of 2SLGBTQI+ individuals when completing a sexual history
  • Describe the importance of completing a thorough sexual health history

Pre-Module Quiz:



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