9 Module 3 – Part 3, Additional Considerations: Summary and Evaluation

Jean Wilson


In this module we have presented suggestions for completing gynecological examinations within a variety of populations. The methods and processes for completing gynecological examinations are not one size fits all. Flexibility and innovation are an important part of the clinician’s approach in all examination settings. We recognize that this is an area of practice that has been under recognized in the past and also recognize that more work is needed. We know that there are many individuals and groups that are under served in our current health care settings, and hope that this content will encourage others to continue work toward the goal of health equity.

Key Takeaways

  • Your approach to gynecological assessment must take into consideration the unique characteristics of each patient
  • Having an understanding of various approaches depending on the unique characteristics of each patient allows you to provide patient-centred care

Knowledge Check:

Complete the post chapter quiz:

Self Reflection

On completion of this chapter, consider writing a self reflection of your experience. Were you able to improve upon your ability to complete a gynecological exam in clinical scenarios similar to those described? Which aspects of the learning did you find most helpful? How will you change your practice as a result of completing this module? This exercise is self directed and you do not need to submit your reply but we do recommend you keep a folder of your reflections and look back upon these, to appreciate your progress, at the following time points:

  1. After you complete the module
  2. After you complete the entire program
  3. After you complete your 1st post program physical examination for a scenario similar to the ones described in this module.
  4. After you have completed several gynecological physical examinations


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