Bring your whole self along as you explore all things open! 

This open resource extends on the concepts introduced in the Ontario Extend Program, a professional micro-credential learning program hosted by eCampusOntario, and provides further opportunity for educators to transform their teaching and learning visions, approaches and skills. The Ontario Extend Program modules are referenced throughout, but it is not necessary that you complete them in order to make use of this resource.

Here’s what you will find!

The anatomy of an open educator. A silhouette of an individual with arms open wide, embracing these five components: eye for open design, hand in open assessment, heart for open pedagogy, mind for open content, and a discoverable presence

Inspired by the “Anatomy of an Open Educator” by Maureen Glynn, an eCampusOntario Open Education (OE) Fellow 2018, the four modules in this resource are shaped by Glynn’s defining characteristics of an Open Educator — An Eye for Open Design, A Mind for Open Content, A Heart to Embrace Open Pedagogies, A Hand for Open Assessment and A Discoverable Presence.

Teaching In The OpenTeaching in the Open

In this module, we explore the core concepts of teaching in the open by examining open educational pedagogy and how it transforms the practice of education.

Open ContentOpen Content

In this module, we embrace the concepts presented in Teaching in the Open by taking action to create a vision and develop a tangible plan for incorporating inclusive and accessible open content in your course.

Open DesignOpen AssessmentOpen Course Design & Open Assessment

In this module, we focus our attention on the open, intentional design of learning experiences, collaborative engagement and assessment.

Open CommunitiesOpen Communities

Open educators have a “discoverable presence” and are connected with others in ways that provide opportunities for community, collaboration and sharing. In this module, we present the many benefits of sharing openly and explore tools to enable collaboration and ways to connect with open communities online.

Each module provides common elements, including:

  • scenarios and overviews to acquaint you with the topic;
  • focused topic sections exploring key concepts and skills for open education;
  • Extend Activities to engage you actively in the learning;
  • Extend Connections to help you consider how the learning relates to you and your practice; and
  • a module checklist to help you wrap up and mark your progress.

A “Refreshers” section and “Glossary” provide additional supports for your learning journey.

If you are new to open education, you may want to start with the first module, “Teaching in the Open,” for an introduction to core concepts and approaches that you will find developed throughout the other three modules.

Move at your own pace!

It may take three to five hours to complete a full module, but the resource is built for flexibility, so you can start wherever you like, sample in the middle or hyper-focus on just one area. Use the modules for self-guided or for facilitated learning. You do you! Choice is a key quality of open learning.

Ready? Set? Extend!

This resource is for you — to support you in extending into open education. Are you ready to stretch?


This project is made possible with funding by the Government of Ontario and through eCampusOntario’s support of the Virtual Learning Strategy. To learn more about the Virtual Learning Strategy visit:


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