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The characteristics of an open educator, as outlined in the “Teaching in the Open” module, suggest that open educators have a mind for open content. As such, an open educator is one who:

  • Mind For Open Contentchooses to use open content — when possible and appropriate — with the aim to remove all unnecessary barriers to learning;
  • searches for — and makes use of — OER created and shared by others and adds their own expertise to improve what’s already there;
  • adapts and creates open content with inclusivity, diversity and accessibility in mind; and
  • realizes that content is continually evolving, so they leave room for this growth/change and are comfortable with their content existing in a perpetual state of evolution.

In this module, we embrace the concepts presented in Teaching in the Open by taking action to create a vision and develop a tangible plan for incorporating inclusive and accessible open content in your course.

**Please note that depending on the scope of your plan, the actual OER development process will extend beyond this module.


Develop a plan for adopting, adapting and/or creating open content in your course that incorporates inclusive and accessible design principles.

Learning Objectives

  • Create and refine a vision for the incorporation of OER content in a course that meets learner needs.
  • Evaluate open content identified through an environmental scan for fit within the OER vision.
  • Use a course-planning template to develop a detailed plan for the incorporation of open-learning materials into a course.
  • Identify opportunities to apply inclusive and accessible design principles to open content.


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