Downloadable Resources

The following is a list of the resources embedded in this course.

External Resources

CAST | UDL Tips for Assessment [PDF]

ISTE | “I am a Digital Age Learner” Poster [PDF]

Planning Worksheets

Authentic Assessment Planning Worksheet [DOC]: Use this worksheet to help you design your authentic assessments.

Digital Media Assignment Planning Worksheet [DOC]: Use this worksheet to help with you digital media assignment design.

Sample Rubrics

Sample Animated Video Rubric [DOC]

Sample Group Assignment Rubric [PDF]

Sample Infographic Rubric [DOC]

Sample Live Action Video Rubric [DOC]

Sample Podcast Rubric [DOC]

Sample Script Storyboard Rubric [DOC]

Sample Website Rubric [DOC]

You can edit these rubrics to fit your assessment criteria and performance standards.


Authentic Assessment Examples [PDF]: Lists examples of authentic tasks suitable for online assessment.

Building Rubrics: Adjectives and Adverbs [PDF]: Lists helpful adverbs and adjectives when developing performance descriptors.

Building Rubrics: Performance Levels [PDF]: Provides examples of appropriate performance levels.

Challenges and Strategies [PDF]: Suggests useful strategies to address common authentic assessment implementation challenges.

Online vs. Authentic [PDF]: Highlights some of the differences between traditional online tests and authentic online assessments.

Sample Rubric [PDF]: A simple rubric example illustrating the parts of a rubric.

Tools [PDF]: Some easy-to-use, free tools and options for creating various kinds of digital media.

Video Transcripts

Welcome to Rethinking Assessment Strategies [PDF]

Module 1 Introduction [PDF]

What Do We Really Want to Know About Our Learners? [PDF]

Module 2 Introduction [PDF]

Scaffolding Assessment and Feedback to Support Student Engagement and Retention [PDF]

Module 3 Introduction [PDF]

Ling100 International Journey of Phonemes and Allophones [PDF]

Teaching with Tech Pilot Mini-Podcast [PDF]

Module 4 Introduction [PDF]


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