Module 1 – Rethinking the Assessment Mindset

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Role of Assessment

We begin our exploration of online authentic and alternative assessment with a reflection on the role of assessment in teaching and learning and the methods traditionally used to evaluate learners and deliver feedback. Are these traditional approaches meeting the needs of online learners and educators? Do they effectively allow learners to demonstrate their competencies and skills to the best of their abilities? Are they responsive to our changing post-secondary landscape and employers’ increasing demands for transferable job skills? As you review the material in this module, consider how you currently assess your students in a course that you teach, and the challenges you face implementing these assessment methods online.


Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  1. Reflect on the purpose of assessment and feedback in teaching and learning.
  2. Discuss the benefits and limitations of traditional assessment methods in online learning.
  3. Outline the need to measure outcomes and competencies as part of a balanced assessment strategy.
  4. Reconsider one’s assessment mindset, taking into account online assessment and feedback challenges and the evolving higher education ecosystem.


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