What’s Next?

Continuing Your Journey

Congratulations! You have reached the end of our course, and the beginning of your journey.

Along the way, you have reflected on your online assessment practices and considered new and different ways of thinking about assessment and feedback.

You have discovered the benefits of authentic and alternative assessment strategies, explored various examples, and learned the steps to designing, implementing, and evaluating online authentic and digital media assignments.

You have worked towards making your assessments more equitable and accessible, and developed strategies to support learners such as scaffolding, communication of assessment criteria, and peer feedback.

We invite you to apply the tips, techniques, and methods you have learned in this course to your own teaching practices. To help you along, we have listed the worksheets, sample rubrics, and other downloadable documents from each module in the next section.

You can also explore exemplars of authentic and alternative assessments shared by your colleagues in the companion resource to this course, “Rethinking Assessment Strategies for Online Learning – Exemplar Collection”.

Remember that you do not need to travel this road alone – the teaching and learning centre at your institution can assist you with planning and developing authentic and alternative assessments. We encourage you to reach out to them for further guidance.

Where will you go next on the road to authenticity?


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