Welcome to Global Value Chain Digital Text Open Educational Resource (OER). This resource is intended for learners preparing for positions in International Business and Supply Chain Management settings. The global value chain connects two extremes of the international trade world – Suppliers with Customers; and identifies how value can be added in the steps involved throughout the supply chain process. This book discusses the logistics cycle in detail and cover topics such as Distribution Logistics, Procurement, Sourcing and Outsourcing, Transportation, Inventory Management, Material Handling, Warehousing, Incoterm Rules, Trade Facilitation and Promotion, Vulnerability in global value chains, Sustainable value chains, Reverse Logistics, Role of ICT in value chain and Humanitarian Logistics. This is just a comprehensive list, there are other relevant and recent concepts included in the book to enhance readers knowledge about International Business, International Trade, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Global Value Chain.

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Dr. Kiranjot Kaur

Kiranjot Kaur, MBA, Ph.D. is a professor of the Business – International Business program at Conestoga College. She is a doctorate in Business Administration with International Economics and Trade as a major research area. She was offered a fellowship to pursue and complete her doctorate for her excellence in research. She completed her Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree with Distinction as well. Kiranjot Kaur has always been recognized for her participation and paper presentations in International Conferences. She has authored a book titled ‘Competitiveness and Complementarities in BRICS trade’. In industry, she has worked in Broadcasting, Media and Supply Chain sectors. This Open Education Resource (OER) idea was a product of her dedication and enthusiasm towards improving the quality of curriculum guidance. Kiranjot was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with Iuliia Kau of Fanshawe College in the creation of this digital text. Kiranjot enjoyed working with Iuliia in the sharing of ideas, collaboration with colleagues, and the pedagogy of learning.

Iuliia Kau

Iuliia Kau, MBA, M.A. CITP/FIBP, is a winner of the annual award – the Canadian National FITT Award in 2018. She is a professor of Global Supply Chain Management, Feasibility of International Trade, and Business Planning for Market Entry at Fanshawe College. Iuliia Kau has two (2) Master’s Degree. She has completed the latest Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) with Distinction at Fitchburg State University, in the USA, Massachusetts, in 2021. In addition, she has developed curriculums for the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business at Fanshawe College, one for the Global Supply Chain Management course. Furthermore, she obtained the CITP/FIBP designation with many completed courses such as Harvard Graduate School of Education, Quality Matters, eCampus Technologies and many courses for Professional Development at Fanshawe College, Canada. Also, she is a certified trainer of The Fresh Connection simulation game for the Global Supply Chain Management course. Lisa Schwerzmann, Tarek Ibrahim, and Steven Levson invited Iuliia to collaborate and create the Open Educational Resource (OER), Global Value Chain e-textbook, with Conestoga College. So naturally, she jumped at the great opportunity to provide students with free e-textbooks, knowing how expensive it is to buy physical textbooks nowadays. Before teaching at Fanshawe College, she had over 15 years of experience in business management positions and achieved efficiency in supply chain management in various fields. Iuliia Kau is grateful and has enjoyed collaborating with Kiranjot Kaur from Conestoga College. The process of developing the OER is educational and fun.


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