19 Sample competencies

This section provides some sample competencies  that have been created using the templates in the toolkit. We have selected five categories of competencies to illustrate the following:

  • The competency structure (e.g. statement, performance criteria, supporting skills and knowledge, etc.); and
  • How the competencies can be applied to different contexts, occupations and job roles.

The sample competencies are listed under each of five categories (or specific areas of competency) listed below:

The sample competencies listed on this page may be downloaded for you to use and/or adapt for your specific purpose. Feel free to download each competency and adapt it to suit your purpose(s).

Click here to download all of the examples and templates in one folder. (Link opens in new tab)

Suggestions for editing/customizing the examples:

  • Determine whether or not you have the ability to keep glossary definitions in one location and then hyperlink the text – you will see that many terms and definitions are used in multiple competencies.
  • Review the context and examples section, and customize them for your specific use case. We have provided generic examples to suit this purpose.
  • Customize the generic language, such as “according to workplace procedures” to more specific language if it makes sense to do so (e.g. according to Organization XYZ ‘s policies and procedures).
  • Insert appropriate links to your specific training and learning resources.
  • Amend the assessment methods to suit your needs.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Competencies

Every workplace has requirements for health and safety. While the context and level of risk changes by work environment and job role, these competencies should be applicable in most workplaces. A list of sample competencies follows below and have been categorized based on common core and supervisory contexts. Click on the link to each competency for an example of how it has been defined using the competency template in this toolkit.

Common Core Competencies (apply to everyone)
Supervisory Competencies (also for those in OHS-related roles)

Competencies Related to Working Remotely

This set builds on many competencies that apply to many workplaces, but the recent pandemic and resulting changes in how we have worked have heightened certain competencies.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to change the way they work. For many, working remotely is now the norm resulting in the need to transfer skills to complete work tasks from afar. The sample competencies outlined in this section can be applied to any work context; however, they may be applied in a new way given the demands of working remotely. For example, the use of communication equipment and technology has dramatically increased for some people, as has the increased focus on accountability and adaptability. For leaders, managing a team remotely has meant developing new ways to approach work and to keep people engaged while remaining productive.

Common Core Competencies (apply to everyone)
Supervisory Competencies



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