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Individual templates and their uses are identified below:

For use in the planning phase:

Competency Framework Development Canvas

What it is: This tool is useful for planning a competency framework, by capturing the intended audience, as well as information you need to develop and maintain your framework

Learning Design Canvas (with instructions)

What it is: A version of the development canvas tool can also be used to design learning, either to go with a competency framework or independently

For use in the development phase:

Competency Authoring Template (blank)

Competency Authoring Template (with instructions)

What it is: This template includes all the fields used for the sample competencies. The version with instructions has some annotations about what to put in each field, and the blank versions is there for you to populate. In practice, it’s easiest to use this template to detail specifics for each competency, and use the workbook below to provide a high level overview of the framework and look for overlap or duplication.

Open Competency Framework Development Workbook

What it is: These spreadsheets allow you to to capture the information about all of your competencies and your framework structure in one place.





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