10 Use cases

There are many use cases for competency frameworks, which will determine how you go about creating or adapting your framework. We have identified some different use cases to give you an idea of how people use  competency frameworks.  We framed these use cases by asking the following questions:

Who will be using the toolkit?

What problem are they trying to solve?

What context will they be using it for?

How will this help?

The examples in the following pages illustrate how a competency framework can be used for a variety of applications. We will be relating them to the four major themes we identified earlier.

Training and Learning Developing individuals and teams through teaching and learning activities
Assessment Evaluating individual and team performance in formal and informal ways
Credentialing Recognizing achievements and issuing records of achievement
Workforce Development Identifying individual, organizational and sectoral needs, career planning, and managing talent

These of course, are interrelated, as competencies relate to job roles and work activities/tasks, training, and assessment.


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