Job Search Strategies and the Labour Market

Welcome to Job Search Strategies and the Labour Market, the fourth of six modules designed to help you develop your career. In this module, you will learn about the labour market, sectors, and industries; you’ll explore 3 useful web sites (the NAICS, the NOC, and the Job Bank); you will learn about regulated occupations; and you will develop specific skills to support your job search efforts, including where to look for jobs, best practices for applying, and managing your job search. Plus, you’ll walk away with plenty of valuable resources to add to your personalized Career Development Portfolio – resources you can use for your own career development going forward.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Navigate basic labour market information;
  • Use sector and industry information to explore employment options;
  • Navigate the NAICS, NOC, and Job Bank web sites to support your job search efforts;
  • Explore multiple additional job search web sites;
  • Apply best practices for applying to jobs; and
  • Develop a tailored, practical job search plan.

Activities (overview)

By the end of the module, you will have completed the following portfolio activities:

  • Locate labour market information relevant to your career goals
  • Explore the NAICS, the NOC, and the Job Bank
  • Identify niche boards for your job search resource kit
  • Identify top tips when applying for jobs online
  • Determine any regulatory bodies or societies associated with your target occupation
  • Set SMART goals for your job search
  • Develop a job search plan
As you work through this module in particular, you’ll likely come across all sorts of useful spaces, lists, and links online. We recommend keeping a list or a folder in your browser bookmarks so that you can come back to these later on.
A lightbulb that is lighting upRemember to have your portfolio folder downloaded and ready so that you have a place to collect all your work! You can download a pre-crafted, empty portfolio folder that has already been organized by clicking this link.

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