Summary and Looking Ahead

In this module, you’ve learned a lot about identifying and articulating your skills, including the key employability skills that today’s employers are looking for. You’ve also collected plenty of valuable materials for your Career Development Portfolio. Now it’s time to answer just 5 questions about what you’ve learned in this module. If you have trouble with this summary quiz, it might be a good idea to go back and reconsider the material a little more.

Congratulations! You have completed this module on Skills Identification and Articulation!

In this module, you learned about today’s most important employability skills, you’ve identified the skills you already have – along with some to develop further – and you’ve articulated your skills in a way that makes sense to employers. You know why it’s important to explain your employability skills in a way that helps your career development.

Along the way, we’ve helped you to collect lots of valuable information for you to include in your own Career Development Portfolio, so that you can take those materials forward in your career development efforts.


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