Summary and Looking Ahead

Since completing the Pre-module knowledge check at the start of this module, you’ve learned a lot about resumes and cover letters. Are you ready to test your knowledge again? Let’s go!

Congratulations! You have completed this module on Resumes and Cover letters. In this module, you learned about the nature, purpose, and format of a resume and a cover letter. You know what the different types of resumes are and which type you can use to make the best impression on an employer. You know what a resume and a cover letter should contain, as well as how to organize them for impact. Along the way, you’ve learned current approaches for developing resumes and cover letters that will increase your chance of career success. You’ve also had the opportunity to collect valuable information for your Career Development Portfolio to take forward in your career development efforts.

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Additional Resources

Want to learn more? Check out these additional resources on resume and cover letter development.


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