Land Acknowledgement 

The UDL for IDEA VLS Team acknowledges that its work, and the work of its collaborating Colleges and Universities, takes place on traditional Indigenous territories across the province. We acknowledge that there are 46 treaties and other agreementsOpens in a new tab. that cover the territory on Turtle Island now called Ontario. We are thankful to be able to work, live, learn, and teach in these territories and recognize current and historical Indigenous presence and land rights. 

Within this guide, we endeavour to increase awareness, understanding, and application of Indigenous pedagogies in Ontario post-secondary education, while undoing Indigenous erasure in our everyday lives. We hope that by creating and distributing this resource we take a step toward dismantling the continued impact of colonization, biased curricula and unjust educational practices in Ontario, that more Indigenous learners see themselves in post-secondary curricula, and that racialized learners experience more success within their program as a result. 


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