3.5: Assessment and Resources 

Module Activity: Responding to Accommodation Requests

Now that you understand the legal implications in managing accessibility and Human Rights Code requirements:

  • How has your approach changed in considering the accommodation requests in the case study?
  • Has your response to the requests changed based on the application of UDL principles?
  • How about meeting accessibility requirements upfront?

What you should notice is that by applying UDL principles and accessibility requirements, many of the accommodation requests would have been addressed. This means, likely, these accommodation requests will no longer exist in your course. This is the intent of creating equitable access—that everyone is able to consume and access the information you provide in the manner that they need to.

What you will also realize is that there will be individual accommodations that, no matter how closely you apply UDL and accessibility principles, will continue to exist. However, the intent is that with flexibility and multiple avenues to deliver information and allowing students to transmit their understanding of course materials back to you, your options to adjust for individual accommodation requests will increase and the subsequent work required will be significantly reduced.

You may consider using this WordLink downloads a document. or PDFLink downloads a document.checklist to help you respond to accommodation requests. 

Further Learning 

The following are some resources to deepen your learning about the AODA and OHRC and their application in post-secondary education:


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