2.6: Assessment and Resources

Module Activity: UDL Course Assessment Tool

Mohawk College’s UDL Course Assessment (version 3.0)(opens in a new tab) is an interactive module that can support you as an educator interested in assessing your current UDL implementation. It offers targeted resources to learn more about specific UDL elements that may be beneficial in post-secondary and technology-enabled learning environments.

For this activity, use the link provided to complete the UDL Course Assessment, keeping in mind your current teaching and learning context. You will obtain a report at the end of the assessment module. As you complete the activity, you may find it helpful to have the UDL Guide (PDF)(downloads document) downloaded to reference.

UDL Course Assessment Tool

Further Learning

The following are some resources to deepen your learning about UDL in post-secondary education and its relation to technology:

  • UDL on CampusOpens in a new tab. has full of resources and examples of UDL implementation in post-secondary education, including environments that are technology-enabled. The Getting StartedOpens in a new tab. and Course DesignOpens in a new tab. pages are excellent and cover a wide range of topics we have only had a brief opportunity to touch on in this module.
  • UDL Navigators in Higher Education: A Field GuideOpens in a new tab. by Jodie Black and Eric Moore, serves as an excellent “how-to” manual for post-secondary educators. Whether you are just starting your UDL implementation or are further along in your journey, this book will have something for you.
  • Mohawk College has made their UDL implementation efforts and resources public. Implementers are welcome to access the full UDL Standard, as well as their resources and implementation ideas through Universal Design for Learning ResourcesOpens in a new tab. at Mohawk College.


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