4.4: Assessment and Resources

Module Activity: Workshop Planning

Imagine you are planning to teach a one-hour lesson or workshop.

  1. Download and read the Key Guiding Questions (Word Doc)Link downloads a document. to consider how you would incorporate EDI when designing, developing, and delivering your lesson or workshop.
  2. What questions would you consider in order to apply UDL principles to incorporate equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility?

You are invited to record your response in the way that works best for you, which may include writing, drawing, creating an audio or video file, mind map or any other method that will allow you to document your ideas and refine them at the end of this module.

Alternatively, a text-based note-taking space is provided below. Any notes you take here remain entirely confidential and visible only to you. Use this space as you wish to keep track of your thoughts, learning, and activity responses. Download a text copy of your notes before moving on to the next page of the module to ensure you don’t lose any of your work!




The following are some resources to deepen your learning about EDI in post-secondary education:


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